Confidentiality Contact Person

In Oktopus, we find social safety important. Therefore we have allocated two confidential contact persons, that are there to accompany you should you need help concerning your or someone else’s social safety.

With them, you can talk about whatever is bothering you, whether it is someone in or outside the association that disturbed your social safety, or just your well-being jeopardized. These discussions can be done anonymously, by filling in the form and letting the ccp’s know about the issue, or by sending them a mail. You can also contact them directly via WhatsApp or at trainings.

With these two ccp’s, who hope to increase your feeling of safety in the association. Know that you can contact either Luca or Rosa, but you can also contact the board should you prefer to do so.

Rosa Geveling
Luca D’Almeida

Number: +31 6 57702740

Number: +33 6 25999696

You can contact them via WhatsApp or by sending them a mail at

You can also fill in the contact form, which is below and can be done anonymously