Oktopus Tournament

Oktopus Tournament 2023 (51st Edition)

The 51st Oktopus Tournament is approaching fast! The tournament will take place on 12-05-2023. Of course, we would very much like you to join this amazing event, so we would hereby like to inform you that the subscriptions for the tournament will be opened on 14-01-2023. Make sure you subscribe on time, because the early bird sale will end on 18-03-2023. Just as in previous editions of the tournament, Full = Full.



The schedule is as follows:

  • Friday May 12th:
    • Arrival of the teams
    • Themed party!
  • Saturday May 13th:
    • Arrival of the final teams
    • Breakfast (included)
      • Comes with a free hangover too
    • Tournament games
    • lunch (included)
    • More tournament games
    • Dinner (included)
    • Pub crawl on Stratumseind
  • Sunday May 14th:
    • Breakfast (included)
      • Comes with a free hangover too
    • Tournament games
    • lunch (included)
    • More tournament games
    • Finals
    • Award ceremony.

For both Friday and Saturday, we have two options to stay overnight. You can either sleep in one of the halls in the sports center, or you can stay on the campsite. The campsite is located directly next to the sports center on the university campus. We are asking a small fee to sleep in the sports hall, see below.


Beach Handball Tournament

This year’s edition of the tournament will again include a Beach Handball Tournament. Both tournaments have completely sold out, so see you next year!



I can hear you think: ‘I gotta be a part of this’. For a reasonable price of just 40,-, you are assured of an amazing weekend! We provide:

  • Entry to the (Beach) Tournament
  • 3 meals on Saturday (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • 2 meals on Sunday (breakfast and lunch)
  • Pub Crawl on Saturday*
  • Themed party on Friday
  • Sleeping options on Friday and Saturday
    • Note: We would like to ask for an extra small fee of € 2,- for sleeping in the sports hall. Sleeping on the campsite is included.

Entry to the Beach Handball Tournament is only € 25,-!
Note! If you decide to take part in both tournaments, you only have to pay for the main tournament. This means you can take part in the Beach tournament for ‘free’ if you enroll for the main tournament!

If you’re still not convinced by this amazing deal, we have one more ace up our sleeves. If you subscribe before 18-03-2023, you can take advantage of the early bird sale which provides a discount of € 7,- for the indoor tournament, and € 5,- for the beach tournament!

Say you don’t feel like spending any money at all. Even then we’ve got you covered! If you like to referee (at least 5) matches, you can take part in the tournament for free! This will be done by reimbursing you after the tournament. If you would like to make use of this option, please contact us well in advance of the tournament. (Oktopustoernooi@outlook.com)



Subscriptions have closed, as we’re completely sold out! See you next year!



Release yer inner Kraken!

Blimey! The Pirates of the Dommel have hidden a great treasure! Make sure to bring an eye patch and a hook, grow your beard (if you can of course) and hunt the treasure!

PS: We do not advise wearing two eye patches at the same time. Playing handball with a hook also brings its challenges.



We hope to see you on May 12th. We are very much looking forward to the tournament. Brought to you by the Tournament Committee,

Lars, Mihai, Laura, Maaike, Sanne, Pepijn & Chiel.

Contact: Oktopustoernooi@outlook.com 



*We must adhere to separate rules for minors during the pubcrawl. If you are a minor or you have a minor in your team, please let us know when subscribing!

**Subject to change.