Starter or already experienced in playing handball? Everybody can sign up! Feel free to come and join one of our trainings. We are a small but cozy association without that many obligations. Just enjoying handball, combined with a lot of fun! Everything is possible at Oktopus, you are already a member for just 25,- euro per year! As a training member you can participate in all the trainings, activities, tournaments and of course our own yearly international tournament! All members however are required to have a sportscard (everybody at the SSC needs one), with a sportscard you can also use all the other facilities at the SSC. If you want to participate in the competition (which takes place in the weekends) then you need to pay some extra contribution, which brings you at a total amount of about 150,- euro per year (exclusive sports card costs).
Membership Type *
  • Regular Member, €25,- per year : As a regular member you can join all Oktopus activities and open practices.
  • Competition Member, about €150,- per year (changes every year): As a competition member, you can join all of our activities and open practices. Additionally, you play in one of the Oktopus competition teams.
  • Donator, €25,- per year: Not active (anymore) at Oktopus? But you still want to sponsor Oktopus with a small yearly fee? This is possible by becoming a donator.
These are the prices of the season 2019-2020, they vary from season to season
By submitting this from I agree that Oktopus charges the yearly contribution from my bank account on an annual base (until I unsubscribe). The club is not liable for injuries, that occurred during the activities, training, or matches organised by Oktopus. Undersigned declares that the above information is filled in according to the truth and hereby signs up as a member of the club E.S.Z.V. Oktopus, until signed out in writing. I hereby agree to the terms to pay my contribution as long as I am a member of E.S.Z.V. Oktopus.
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