All members are required to have an SSCE sport card of a year or half year. Contact the board for more information or if you encounter any problems

Regular Member:                             €30 per year

Includes trainings, activities, and tournaments.  

Competition Member:           ~ €180 per year

Includes trainings, activities, tournaments, and weekly competition matches. note that this price is not a set price and is bound to change year by year.

Donator:                                               €30 per year

If you are not a member anymore but still want to contribute to the association.
The next questions are for promotional feedback and improvement. The questions are not mandatory, but feel free to fill them in and help us with our promotion! The answers are not anonymous, but will in further analysis not be connected to your name. 
By submitting this from I agree that the above information is filled in according to the truth and hereby signs up as a member of the club E.S.Z.V. Oktopus, until signed out in writing. Undersigned declares that the club is not liable for injuries, that occurred during the activities, training, or matches organised by Oktopus. I hereby agree to the terms to pay my contribution as long as I am a member of E.S.Z.V. Oktopus.
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